Protective Clothing Products You’ll Need in your Commercial Kitchen

In case you run a commercial kitchen, you’ll understand the need for meeting government food rules of safety and standards. This requires appropriately storing and cooking, together with ensuring the employees are putting on the very best protective clothing. What’s protective clothing, why it’s worn in commercial kitchens and which protective clothing products do you want? Let us have a look.

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What’s protective clothing?

Protective clothes are required for many workplaces, from building sites to commercial kitchens. Protective clothing should keep your wearer shielded from any injuries that may occur because of heat, electrical hazards, blunt impacts and even more. Each workplace will need several kinds of protective clothing to protect employees from various hazards.

Why kitchen staff need to use protective clothing?

Kitchens are filled with potential hazards that may do harm or injuries to staff. Kitchen staff work carefully with sharp objects for example knives, open fires and hot ovens, therefore the risk of injuries is high, for experienced people of staff. Accidents can occur, so you’ve to put on protective clothing to protect staff against cuts, burns and even more, but protective clothing may also safeguard customers from harm. Clothing products for example hairnets and mitts can prevent food from being contaminated and may make sure that the situation is being prepared hygienically.

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Food Safety Supervisor Course

Food Safety Supervisor Course

Protective clothing products to make use of available kitchen

Double-breasted jackets

Double-breasted jackets are particularly made to prevent burns by functioning as being a barrier between hot appliances, spillages together with your skin. The extended sleeves in the double-breasted jacket may also keep kitchen staff awesome when working by protecting your skin against heat injuries, that’s crucial in a dynamic commercial kitchen.


When worn more than a jacket, an apron won’t make staff look smart and professional but many likely function as practical protective layer. Aprons can be found in a number of designs and materials and could keep your layers underneath resistant to any hot spillages or equipment.

Safety boots

Although not really an apparent selection of protective clothing, specialised footwear may be required for kitchen staff. Kitchen footwear with non-slip soles will ensure that staff stay with their feet, setup floor underneath them is tough to grip or covered in slippery substances. Safety boots are available in sturdy materials for example leather to provide ankle support and to safeguard your toes within the sharp objects or utensils that could fall.


Protective mitts undoubtedly are a must-have in almost any commercial kitchen and they are produced for a number of purposes. Oven mitts can take care of chefs’ hands when choosing up hot trays and cookware while cut-resistant mitts will safeguard your fingers whenever using sharp knives in planning food.

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