When do you need carpet removal?

With every carpet, there comes a time when the owner must decide if the carpet needs to be replaced or if it can be effectively cleaned to an acceptable condition. Of course, we all have different criteria for what constitutes an acceptable condition. However, it helps to have a professional carpet cleaner’s perspective on how well the carpets are being cleaned when making this decision.

Can bad traffic patterns be eliminated?

Traffic patterns develop either because the traffic is too heavy in the area or the people there don’t do a good job of keeping the area vacuumed. Usually, traffic patterns are caused by the soil and sand, having exhausted the fibers and they are absorbed into the ground or lose their strength and lie flat. Another problem is that soil is always behind and even in the mat under the carpet. This means that even after the carpets are cleaned, the soil on the mat or padding may very well soak back up to the surface for several hours.

Usually a professional with the right knowledge and equipment can remove all soil from traffic patterns. As for dirt, one can save carpets that have a problem in the traffic area. Now, if carpets are damaged to the point where the fibers are crushed and cannot be restored, the best thing you can do is massage clean carpets. All you have to do to know your deal is to get your hands on it and examine the rugs carefully. If the fibers are in relatively good condition and just dirty, you may decide to clean them. You should know that carpet cleaners have to charge a bit more to handle this type of problem.

Cleaning takes a lot of time and some chemicals are used so that the soil is not destroyed. This process is called encapsulation.

Stains- There are many different types of stains and even conditions that look like stains but are instead permanent damage to the carpet. Bleach stains cannot be cleaned. The carpet where the bleaching is located may be able to be repainted or replaced.

Deep Stains- Deep stains are stains that are large enough to go through the backing and padding. With regular carpet cleaning, it is impossible to remove stains that are in the padding under the carpet. Carpet cleaners can remove stains from carpet fibers, but many deep stains will return over time.

As with removing dye stains, removing these stains and treating them with encapsulation will cost more money.

Other Stains- If there are 10 to 15 stains in the home and they are not dyed stains, bleach stains, deep stains, or odor problems, they should be removed and covered by normal carpet cleaning costs.

Once you get to the point where there is excessive staining, it will cost more money and you may need to replace it!

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