How to clean upholstery with a steam cleaner

Steam cleaners are the best option to eradicate dirt from upholstery or fabric furniture. This is said to be the best cleaning tool that can save you a good amount of your time and energy. The fume created by the steam cleaner not just draws out any stains of oil and dirt but also eliminates allergens and kills bacteria that cause disease by properly cleaning up the surface.

Without using any harsh solutions, this high-temperature steam does some amazing work in extracting and dissolving dirt from the fragile furniture upholstery. You can steam clean your fabric furniture yourself by following the proper strategies

There are the following steps that include the total cycle of cleaning the upholstery with a steam cleaner.

  1. Vacuum the Upholstery

You can use the steam cleaner to set up your upholstery by eliminating free dirt. Use the brush connection for this, and vacuum the upholstery properly.

You can use the vacuum cleaner, if the furniture has pillows, remove them, and clean. To eliminate dirt particles from holes at the sides, append the crevice nozzle. Must remember to vacuum the back side of the upholstery.

  1. Treat the Stains

You can also treat the stains that are intense on the upholstery with readymade upholstery cleaner or homemade DIY cleaner.

Apply the cleaner on the stain and leave it for some time that is 5-10 minutes so it can relax the stain. Now using a soft microfiber material, smudge the surface.  This will eliminate the stain easily.

  1. Prepare your Steam Cleaner

Now you can start the steam cleaner by removing the evaporator cap. Fill water in the evaporator and change the cap of the steamer. The next you do is, connect the hose which has the steam weapon and remember to actuate the security lock. Presently plug this steam cleaner and let it heat up.

Adhere to the guidelines cautiously for better results. Be certain you don’t fill the evaporator with excessive water which can get soaked by your fabric, which will over soak the stains.

  1. Steam Clean the Upholstery

First, grab the handle of the steam cleaner and splash the surface with the steam. Then you press the catch that delivers the steam onto the surface.

Now using the brush, tenderly wipe your upholstery that is appended to the steam cleaner and reactivate the security lock. When the steam hits it and the whole cycle will wet the fabric. Drag the nozzle directly over the area to evaporate all the water. It may be absorbed in the fabric and completely dry the surface. With this process, harsh stains from the outside of the fabric will also be cleaned. To remove dirt, focus on a little section at a time.

  1. Vacuum it Again

When the upholstery is dry completely, vacuum again. Which will help you clean up all the dirt that is still not cleaned by the brush or cloth.

You can follow every one of these means cautiously and bring back the lost sparkle of your upholstery without using chemicals that are harmful.

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