What You Should Look in a Duplex Inspection?

Buying a duplex or an identical property is a huge financial investment and people do not take any risk before getting a hand upon one. Hence, most buyers want to have a complete property inspection to be on the safer side. But things are a bit tricky here. You should be knowing about what to look for in duplex inspections before hiring a professional inspector. Look for professionals who would invest their valuable time in the following:

The roof

The roofs are compared to other roofs to check their status and condition. The spacing of each shingle must be thoroughly checked and compared. The older roofs will have the shingles placed at a large distance as compared to the newer ones. The old roofs will have shingles that will be curled up and will look crumpled. If you want to avoid taking such roofs, the inspection is going to help you.


HVAC is a very important component in almost every roof and a wasted system is not going to be any benefit for you. You can have the latest and modular furnaces and air conditioning systems, but they are of no advantage if the HVAC system is failing. There might be the air filters which have not been changed for multiple days or there might be leakages in the outlet. They will be proving to be very costly in the long run and you would want to inspect them beforehand.

Electrical and plumbing

They are often ignored and are thought to be kept separately for some time later. But these often prove to be very costly mistakes. These systems might appear in great shape when you inspect them on an overall basis. But there can be multiple issues embedded into it. Some fuses call for replacement or see if the plumbing system is updated. There might be issues with the water pressure too and you want to have a look at that too.


Inspect each and every window personally. Try opening and shutting them multiple times to see how they actually work. You will definitely find issues with them and it is very wise to rectify them all at once. You can also see heat leakage issues with them and try repairing the insulation.

Try contacting the professional MCM duplex Inspection team and get all your concerns and questions answered at once.

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