Sofa Cleaning: Three Tips You Must Never Forget

It wouldn’t be fair and certainly true to say that sofas are among the most frequently and roughly used items of every house. They are used by hosts and the best alike on an everyday basis. That’s why they need more regular cleaning and maintenance services compared to other items. Having cleaning services, like the Nettoyage sofa Imperial services on your side is therefore absolutely crucial. 

Here are some of the reasons why your sofa needs regular cleaning:

  1. It is more prone to dust. 
  2. It’s used more often and more roughly than other things. 
  3. You, your food, pets, and children frequently come in touch with them. If it is not clean, it may impact the health of your loved ones. 

Now that you know how important, regular sofa cleaning is, here are three of the most recommended and important tips you must remember:

  • Care Labels

The chances are that your sofa has a care label attached to it. If it comes with a care label, you must read all the instructions on it very carefully. The care label contains information like what detergents you can use for cleaning your sofas, what vacuuming techniques are good for it, etc. Check that out and clean your sofa accordingly. 

  • Vacuuming

If dust is the major contributing factor, then you must go for vacuuming services before you go for other cleaning services. Vacuuming is the best way to remove the dust particles that have penetrated your sofa deeply. After the minute particles have been sucked out of the sofa, you can go for other cleanings like upholstery steam cleaning services. 

  • Clean it right away

Most people don’t clean spills or stains right away, and they certainly don’t clean them carefully. Well, that’s why these stains and spills become stubborn and hard to clean over time. Clean stains right away, first with a washcloth and then with a mild detergent and water. 


You may already know that sofas are more vulnerable to getting dirty and require regular cleaning; most people don’t regularly clean their sofas. The reason is that sofa cleaning is very difficult. There are so many folds and crevices that people don’t even think about cleaning them. However, if you clean your sofas regularly, cleaning them wouldn’t be so much of a cumbersome task for you. The key to saving your time and effort in this regard is to clean your sofas regularly and wash spills and spots right away. 

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