Sisal Rugs: Ultimate Cleaning Guide

Natural fibre floor coverings, such as Sisal Rugs, are generally simple to care for and maintain. That’s because dirt does not stick to the fibres but rather lies loosely in the weave. Sisal rug weave thickness and designs vary greatly, but they are resilient and will last a long time with care and occasional rug cleaning service. Follow these simple procedures to clean sisal rugs: 

Easiest Way to Clean Your Rug

If your rug is tiny enough to be carried, take it outdoors now and then and shake off all the dirt and dust that has gathered. Vacuum any leftover dirt, but remember to remove the beater bar first.

Avoid getting your sisal rug wet since it naturally absorbs moisture and damages the strands. If you discover any stains or spills on your sisal flooring, spot clean it immediately before the stain sets in. You can request rug cleaning specialists for stain removal treatment or remove as much moisture as possible from wet spills with a paper towel or cloth before spot cleaning the area with a carpet cleaner and lukewarm water. With a hairdryer, dry the flooring, and your sisal rug should be as good as new!

Spot Cleaning: 

  • Remove any spills from your rug immediately by squeezing it firmly with clean cloth towels or white paper, moving from the outer side of the stain inward to prevent spreading. Continue blotting (not rubbing) until no moisture is transferred to the towel.
  • Scrape up solid spills with a dull knife or nail file. Then go to step 1.
  • To neutralise the spill and eliminate any possible stains from red wine and tomato sauce, dab with a white cloth wet with club soda.
  • Allow drying. The discolouration often vanishes. If not, use a wet towel with mild soap to clean. Use a hairdryer or a fan to dry your hair right away.

Pet Urine Accidents: 

  • To avoid spreading, blot up as much of the urine area as possible by pressing hard with clean, white paper or cloth towels, moving from the outside of the spot inside.
  • To neutralise odour, use white vinegar with water. Alternatively, dab a moistened towel in the solution and then blot with a dry towel.
  • Then, like in Spot Cleaning, follow the steps.
  • Scrape up any extra faeces or vomit, working from the outside of the place inward to minimise spreading.
  • Then, proceed with the Spot Cleaning methods.

Pet urine pr faeces may contain harmful bacterias, and they need immediate action without fail. That’s why instead of doing it yourself, hire professionals providing emergency rug cleaning Sunshine Coast or other nearby cities. Let the professionals clean your flooring. 

Sisal Rug Care 

Sisal rugs are a modern solution that may improve the appearance of your house while also adding a touch of nature to your room. They are sturdy and adaptable, allowing you to enjoy them in any part of your house. This carpeting is ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways and living rooms.

Despite their longevity, sisal carpets may become damaged, and cleaning such spills can be a hassle if not done correctly and on time. We’ll teach you how to clean and care for your sisal rug at home.

Vacuuming is the best way to maintain the beauty of your Sisal Rug. Use a powerful suction vacuum to remove visible and loose dirt. Do not use a beater bar. Vacuum the carpet from various angles, making numerous passes over the area.

Under no circumstances should the carpet be wet since this may cause undesired dimensional changes and stains from colours in the underlay. Before applying the moisture, make sure the Sisal Rugs are vacuumed and clean since dirt in the matting may discolour if dissolved.

Vacuuming Bound Rugs

Vacuuming is the greatest method to keep your Sisal Rug looking beautiful. To remove visible and loose dirt, use a vigorous suction vacuum. You should not use a beater bar. Vacuum the carpet from different angles, making many passes over the area. Vacuum clean the rug every once or twice a week to keep dirt particles at bay. 


It is critical to keep the quantity of moisture under control during cleaning. Never steam clean or use wet shampoo on a natural fibre rug. Also, avoid any other procedure that includes water saturation. It is advised to utilise a dry-cleaning procedure.

Even after following these tips, rug owners must find the best company providing top-notch Rug Cleaning Sunshine Coast. Regular vacuuming is not enough for a natural fibre rug. You have already made a great choice by buying a sisal rug for your living room with a high traffic area. But, to prolong the life of your flooring, hire professional rug cleaners. The experts will guide you more about the cleaning tips. 

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