Selecting the Right Pool Lighting: AC vs. DC

If you’re unsure about whether AC or DC is the best option for your pool lighting, this blog will help you find the answer. The article compares and contrasts AC and DC pool lights from a practical perspective.

What Are the Differences between AC and DC?

Let’s understand the differences between AC and DC before we choose between AC or DC pool lights.

Alternating Currents (AC)

AC, or Alternating Current, is known for its fluctuating voltages and currents, measured in Hertz. AC power is widespread and cost-effective for long-distance transmission. Different regions have varying standards, like Europe using 220-240V and 50Hz, while the United States uses 60Hz at 120V. Most household appliances and industrial machinery operate on AC power. Transformers are employed in AC lighting systems to adjust the voltage output.

Direct Current (DC)

DC, or Direct Current, maintains a constant electrical charge without fluctuations in current or voltage. This stability is crucial for electronic devices like integrated circuits and microprocessors, found in computers and smartphones. DC lighting systems utilize switch-mode power supplies to adjust the output voltage.

What Is the Difference between AC and DC Monochrome Led Pool Lights?

When buying monochrome pool LED lights, like warm white ones, you don’t need to worry about AC or DC. These lights are versatile and can be used on both types of circuits. The LED pool lights have a built-in circuit that converts AC to stable and directional DC. This means they function like regular diodes when connected to an AC circuit. For a DC system, you can directly use the LEDs. The SMD chip is oriented left-to-right for RGB, RGBW, and monochrome pool lights.

Differentiating between AC and DC for Color-Changing LED Pool Lights

The two main types of color-changing LED pool lights are AC and DC. They both emit light using the principle that three primary colors make up light. There are differences in the structure, control method, and wiring of AC and DC pool lights, except for those that use the DMX system.

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