Most Popular Artificial Grass Installations

Artificial turf offers a low-maintenance, durable alternative to traditional grass lawns. Artificial turf is becoming more popular for front yards, back yards, dog runs, play areas and other artificial grass installations.

Artificial grass for residential use can be used in many places, including large lawns, dog runs, and pool surrounds. Sustainable Turf’s premium artificial turf can be used in any space, no matter how large or small. Artificial grass has many applications, but the most common are listed below.

Artificial Lawns

Artificial grass offers a year-round, lush green lawn without the hassles of maintenance. Durable and long-lasting, it saves you time and money spent on watering, weeding, and fertilizing. Sustainable Turf specializes in installing realistic artificial grass that’s so lifelike, that your neighbors won’t notice the difference. Opting for artificial lawns presents a fantastic alternative to natural grass. They are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and can be quickly installed.

By choosing artificial grass, you contribute to pollution reduction through lower water consumption. There’s no need for a lawnmower, which means no emissions of exhaust fumes and gasoline vapors. The benefits of artificial grass extend beyond maintenance, offering savings and effective pest control. This holds especially true in Tampa, where residents spend significant amounts annually on lawn upkeep. Making the switch to artificial grass is a worthwhile investment in both the environment and your pocket.

Synthetic Putting Greens

Golf enthusiasts dream of having their own backyard putting green, a trend on the rise in cities like Tampa. Creating a turf-based putting green necessitates specialized installation and design skills. Sustainable Turf stands out as an industry leader in installing artificial grass in backyard golf greens and putting surfaces.

Artificial Grass Gardens

Artificial grass in your garden is a great solution for lawn maintenance. It also allows other plants to grow nearby. Artificial grass has a lesser-known advantage: it can act as a barrier against pests. Artificial grass is a barrier to pests, so they cannot hide or grow in flower and vegetable gardens. Artificial grass is a safer and healthier alternative to harsh chemicals and pesticides for both amateur and professional gardening.

Artificial Turf Playgrounds

Artificial turf can enhance the appearance of a playground, making it more inviting and enjoyable for children. Beyond aesthetics, it also contributes to their safety. The artificial turf used in playgrounds is softer and safer compared to materials like wood chips or natural grass. Sustainable Turf offers installation services for artificial grass in playgrounds, creating a safe and eco-friendly play area that eliminates the need for chemicals and watering.

Sports Surfacing

Artificial turf is an excellent choice for sports surfaces, originally designed for high-use sports pitches that need regular maintenance. Athletes can perform at their best without the risk of injury when playing on artificial grass. Whether it’s for backyard soccer, football, or any other sport, artificial grass installation provides a durable and reliable sports surface.

This post was written by a professional at Sustainable Turf. Looking for the best residential artificial turf Tampa? At Sustainable Turf, we believe in offering sustainable, eco-friendly solutions that benefit both homeowners and the environment. Our artificial grass for playgrounds, homes, and more is designed to provide you with a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn that requires minimal resources to thrive. By choosing our artificial turf, you’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits for years to come. Contact us now for an estimate for your sports turf field, residential turf, golf putting turf, and more!

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