Replace Your Toilet Seat with a Swan S Pro for Greater Comfort and Luxuriance

For the utmost comfort and style when using the restroom on your own, upgrade to the Swan S Pro toilet seat. Thanks to its many functions, this multipurpose toilet and bidet offers unparalleled luxury and convenience. It makes you excited to use the restroom every day by including more customized features and resolving frequent issues you run across.

Creative Toilet Features

These creative features will inspire you to use the toilet seat.

Hands-Free Function

Thanks to built-in sensors, the toilet seat lifts itself up automatically as you go closer. It contains an auto flush feature and a kick sensor that closes after usage to provide a tactile experience. You can avoid turning on the lights at night as you go about your business with this unit’s automated soft-glow LED light.

An Elegant and Comfortable Toilet Seat

The antimicrobial Swan S Pro seat offers temperature control. It ensures a steady, even temperature with a unique ceramic core heating element.

A Cleaning Experience Like A Spa

To provide antibacterial protection, the toilet fixture features an ionized silver ABS-treated stainless-steel nozzle. It adds tiny bubbles to the water flow to oxygenate it. The ensuing flow has a calming, spa-like quality to it.

The pressure, temperature, and wash position can all be changed to your preferred configurations. following being washed with water and an antibacterial UV light, the nozzle automatically retracts to further spare you the trouble of cleaning it following usage.

Automated Deodorization of Air-Drying

Your bidet’s forced air units clean and sanitize your bowl after each use. To swiftly dry the toilet, they move the air around. To guarantee that the space is odor-free, the charcoal filters located at the base of the toilet absorb the processed air.

Experience Personalized Right at Your Fingertips!

You can independently adjust the settings using the remote control panel that comes with the device. You can also use a smartphone smart app to alter it.

Simple To Set Up

Not even significant toilet tweaks are required with the Swan S Pro, in spite of all its capabilities. It’s about the same size as a conventional toilet seat, but it needs an electrical outlet. For a small fee, you can hire an electrician to install an outlet if your bathroom is currently without one.

The toilet seat installation will still require the services of a plumber. Find out local prices for new installations and replacements. If you live in Los Angeles, you can replace the old toilet seat with a new one or have the old one installed for a fair fee. For additional information about costs for residents of Los Angeles, visit the Swan S Pro page.

Modernize Your Toilet Right Now

It’s time to use the Swan S Pro toilet and enjoy the utmost comfort and convenience. The toilet fixture creates a unique private moment by fusing comfort and design with functionality. Now, grab your bidet toilet and smile as you proceed to the bathroom.

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