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Want to Save Money on Your Granite Countertop Purchase? Keep These Tips in Mind

If you are renovating your kitchen and want to add granite countertops, you may be concerned about the cost. Because granite can be costly, you must shop around before you make your final decision. To avoid overspending, do not rush the buying process. If you are thinking about investing in Granite countertops wholesale, here are tips you should keep in mind:


Kitchen countertops made of granite can be found in big-box stores, in design studios, at countertop fabricators, and at other stores that specialise in countertop materials. If you wish to get the best price for your countertops, explore your options in terms of suppliers. Do your research and contact different suppliers to know their offers and prices. Also, obtain quotes from a minimum of three suppliers and compare. 

Purchase the Countertops Wholesale

Just like other parts of your house renovation project, purchasing in bulk will let you save money. Buying wholesale is ideal if you have a big kitchen or use granite slabs in other projects. Wholesalers can sell their products for lower prices because they sell in bulk, minimising the handling time and the associated costs. 

Avoid Wasting Material

To make sure you end up with a uniform countertop, you purchase the whole slab in one piece. While this practice is common, it usually leaves you with some leftover materials. But you can still make use of these materials, so keep them. There are many ways you can use the stone such as to cover the backsplash and your kitchen island’s sides. 

Pick a Common Colour

Nowadays, granite countertops are more affordable than ever due to technological improvements. But those countertops that have rare colours have remained their high price tags. But you can still save money when you choose affordable colours like grays and blacks. Getting fancy with extraordinary colours, patterns, and veinings will require you to spend more money than you may have budgeted for. 

Purchase Local

Consider buying granite countertops from a local supplier. Buying them from distant suppliers or big national companies means you take care of the shipping costs. But you do not need to pay much when you purchase the materials from a local source. And when you order in bulk, you may be able to get the products delivered at no cost. Some full-service companies will design your countertops, supply materials, and install the countertop, which means you do not have to hire a lot of different people.

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