Common Benefits Associated With Knotted Rugs That You Should Know About! 

Although may rug industry specialists and aficionados will understand the importance and general beauty of knotted rugs, the general public still can’t quite differentiate machine-made and handmade rugs from one another. The truth is that hand-knotted rugs are truly unique masterpieces that take many months to finalize by expert craftsmen, and they’re always made from the finest natural materials and dyes. 

We’ve partnered up with the rug industry specialists at Rug Source to support us in helping you understand the many benefits associated with knotted rugs, and over the years Rug Source has become one of the leading online rug outlets all throughout the United States. So take it from the pros in that they know what they’re talking about and can help you fully appreciate the beauty that coincides with hand-knotted area rugs! 

Below are some of the common benefits with knotted rugs that you should know about: 

Increased Durability 

There’s no denying that knotted rugs are by far the most durable in the entire rug world, and this is because they don’t utilize any adhesives like machine-made area rugs many times do. A lot of machine-made rugs will only last up to around 10 years, but knotted rugs are capable of lasting multiple decades and even centuries when taken care of properly. This is because the wool found within knotted rugs is tightly secured knot by knot to develop the rug as a whole. 

Easy to Clean 

Hand-knotted rugs also just so happen to be the only type of area rug that can be professionally cleaned in a thorough manner, and this is because there are no chemicals found within the rug’s makeup that will negatively react to water. 

Taking your home’s area rugs to a professional rug cleaner on a yearly basis is always a very good idea no matter how clean/dirty your rug becomes, and this is because these specialists are renowned at looking over people’s prized possessions and maintaining their integrity of new generations to come. Many knotted rugs become family heirlooms, so it’s important to take care of your as much as possible!

Knotted Rugs Increase in Value 

Most area rugs will slowly but surely lose value as time goes along, but this is not the case for hand-knotted rugs. Knotted rugs are of course one-of-a-kind, so this type of uniqueness makes them rarer and harder to find throughout the world as less craftsmen continue to develop this type of art in Asia. 

Many high-quality Persian or Oriental area rugs will have KPSI levels 400+, which means that the rugs are incredibly well-designed and are easily capable of sustaining the same appearance for decades. This level of quality craftsmanship makes knotted rugs a true treasure, which is why they continue to become more valuable as they get older and turn into antique rugs! 

Beautiful Colors & Textures 

Knotted rugs boast some of the best textures and colors throughout the entire rug industry, and this is partly because rug weavers have learned their craft from their parents and generations before them. So largely the same techniques have been utilized for centuries, and this includes the use of natural vegetable and fruit dyes that create unparalleled colors and hues. 

When you put a knotted rug up against a machine-made area rug, you’ll instantly see the difference in the colors and overall depth of the design’s images. So it goes to show that knotted rugs truly are of a higher quality from an artistic standpoint, and this includes the quality at an intricate level. 

No Chemicals 

A lot of machine-made rugs today are made with the use of synthetic fabric materials that contain all sorts of harmful chemicals. This is not something you need to worry about when you purchase hand-knotted rug, because these rugs are 100% organic and won’t harm your family or pets. 

It’s possible for machine-made rugs to subtly emit toxins and allergens throughout your home, which can be harmful for people with sensitivities. 

Contact The Rug Industry Experts at Rug Source to Learn More About Knotted Rugs! 

There’s a lot that rug buyers need to know when they’re making these types of home décor investment decisions, but the most important thing to keep in mind while rug shopping is that quality truly matters. 

Knotted rugs offer countless benefits as compared to machine-made rugs, and you can learn more about these high-quality area rugs by going to the Rug Source website via the link at the beginning of the article!

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