Why Steam Carpet Cleaning is Safe for Babies?

Parents always try to provide a safe and secure environment for their babies. Right from food to cloth material, everything is chosen carefully to ensure the good health of the baby. Toddlers play all around the house and it is important to keep a check on them because they can consume whatever they find on the carpet. They also have very sensitive skin and can get allergies and reactions after playing on a filthy carpet. Thorough cleaning of carpet is a must for homeowners who have kids at home. Many people think carpet cleaning is unsafe for babies. But this is not true!

Steam carpet cleaning Canberra is one of the safest methods that remove various types of stains, dirt, dust and allergens safely. The problem with other carpet cleaning methods is the concentration of detergents and shampoos that are used to clean the floor covering. Even after washing the carpet with water, the chemical residue is often left. Carpet steam cleaning provides great relief in various aspects and the parents can choose this process for maintaining cleanliness in the house. Let’s have a look at the reasons that make steam cleaning a kid-friendly option:

  • No Use of Harsh Chemicals

Carpet cleaning Canberra services like carpet shampooing and dry cleaning involves high chemical usage. Some detergents are toxic and non-biodegradable. Even after using lots of water, it is not removed properly. Kids can consume the sticky residue by mistake and fall sick. The pets can also lick the carpet by mistake and get stomach infections. The skin of babies is really sensitive. Redness and itching are common on baby skin after carpet shampooing. Sometimes, the strong fragrance of the cleaning agents also irritates the skin of babies. This problem is faced with carpet shampooing and dry cleaning.

Steam cleaning is comparatively a safer option because removal of spots and odour is possible only through the high temperature of steam. The steam cleaner runs smoothly over the surface of the carpet and evaporated water vapours do their work magically. Within a few minutes, the entire carpet becomes flawless. The odour vanishes, stains go away and the bacterial growth stops within a few minutes. The kids and toddlers can play on the carpet after steam cleaning without any risk of catching skin infections.

  • Limited Moisture is Left After Steam Cleaning

Drying the carpet after carpet cleaning has always been a point of concern for the parents. When the carpet is loaded with water, the padding starts to decay. This can be harmful to babies. Little bumps and redness can be noticed on the skin of kids when the water from the padding comes up. This moisture also gives rise to germs and moulds which are even more hazardous for kids. In the steam cleaning process, the vapours do not wet the carpet. Only a little moisture is left on the carpet that dries within a few hours. The parents can feel relaxed when the babies play on the steam-cleaned carpet.

  • Steam Destroys the Allergens and Pollutants

Do you know various things like paints and deodorants are the cause of pollution in the air? The pollutants always surround us and impact our health. Carpets serve as filters and trap some of these pollutants in them. Apart from pollutants, allergens such as dust mites waste and pollens are also present on the carpet. All these contaminants affect the health of babies significantly. Carpet shampooing and dry cleaning are good for removing dirt and stains but cannot fix the problem of allergens.

Steam carpet cleaning Canberra offers a decent solution to this problem. The dust mites, mould spores and fleas eggs are not visible from the eyes. But steam can destroy them with ease. This improves the air quality and makes the air suitable for breathing.

Some Preventive Carpet Cleaning Measures for Parents

  • Make it a habit to remove the dirt, dust and debris from the carpet at least once a week via vacuum cleaner.
  • Never rely on DIY hacks.
  • In case, kids spill the water or milk on the carpet, clean it immediately.
  • Moist carpets should be directly exposed to sunlight and air because sudden temperature change leads to expansion and shrinkage of the carpet.
  • It is essential to clean fur and other waste produced by pets to save the kids from allergies


Carpet cleaning Canberra is absolutely safe for babies. Steam cleaning has no side effects on the health of kids. This method can clean the impurities without hampering the quality of the fibres. If you have kids, then choosing a steam carpet cleaning service from a reliable company will be of great help.

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