Types Of Windows That Could Affect Your Interior 

Windows in interior design play an essential role that often is neglected. The size and position of a window significantly impact the design of your house. Windows are a fundamental feature of the house. A window can directly affect appearance. 

It would be best to know that different types of windows are used in interior design to achieve a great look and overall better functionality. Details like window colors and the structure are vital. Inter-Québec windows and doors could help you choose windows from a wide range and help you excel in your interior design. 

Different Types of Windows Affecting Your Interior

  • Fixed windows

Fixed windows are often directed in the closed position. These windows are stationary and mostly non-operational in a way. Fixed windows might appeal to picture windows. However, these windows have larger frames and thicker materials. Fixed windows are often used in most homes. These windows are used frequently in the living room, dining room, basements, etc. 

  • Operable windows

Operable windows are the opposite of fixed windows. An operable window is a window that can unlock or shut and operate however you want. Unlike fixed windows, operable windows can be opened and closed as needed. Operable windows could become essential in being and living areas. Operable windows could also be used as an emergency exit in case of fires. You should choose an operable window if you do not like the idea of a fixed window. 

  • Casement windows

A casement window is usually attached to its frames by using hinges. These windows are generally attached to the side of the frame. Casement windows could be similar to a door. However, these windows open with a crank instead of a knob or handle. Casement windows provide unmatchable airflow and add a unique style to the house’s interior. 

Casement windows do not have much maintenance and could be easily cleaned. These provide more ventilation than a typically fixed window or an operable window. However, casement windows are more expensive when compared to others. 

  • Awning window

An awning window has a similar hinge structure to a casement window. These windows have hinges at the top of the window frame and usually slide outwards from the bottom. The awning window can be used with a crank or a handle with the slide architecture. 

Awning windows provide good ventilation when installed higher in the walls. These windows also offer a contemporary look by using customized patterns. Apart from the design, these windows could also be energy efficient. 

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