Top Benefits Of Living In 1 Bedroom Serviced Apartment

1 bedroom serviced apartment hong kong is an ideal option for affordable, flexible and convenient living. These are the perfect rooms for anyone looking for a downsize and affordable living in low-maintenance and east-to-maintain. Also, tenants can easily lock up and leave. If you are alone or just your life partner, you have a small family, which means a one-bedroom service apartment is ideal for you.

If you are planning to invest a little more in 2 bedrooms for rent, then this is also feasible. The choice depends on you. There are a lot of benefits when living in a 1-bedroom serviced apartment that will be discussed here.


The easy-on-the-pocket fact of a one-bedroom serviced apartment makes it ideal for those who want to save money. It is less expensive than the larger apartments or any houses. These are great options for people who are on a budget. They often have lower rent and utility bills.

With less square footage. There is less maintenance and less to clean, which saves upkeep and cleaning expenses.


A one-bedroom serviced apartment is an ideal option for those looking for a low-maintenance lifestyle. These rooms are ideal for people who travel frequently. One-bedroom apartment is located in convenient locations, such as:

  • city centers
  • near public transportation

So, it is making things easy to get around.


One-bedroom serviced apartment is a great option when looking for a place to call a home. You can have a short stay basis or even a long stay basis if you want. These are available for rent, so you can make an easy decision here whether you extend the stay or end it now. So, people like students or working near the serviced apartment have convenience by choosing a serviced apartment. It is a feasible option for those who don’t stay with their family.

Comfortable and homey experience

Since a one-bedroom apartment is less expensive, it provides a homey experience. You can have a comfortable experience in these spaces of rooms. You may merge the bedroom with a sofa or sofa bed to create a studio-like experience.

One-bedroom serviced apartment for travelers

Assuming you have two options – all in other ways equal. They have the same price and with the same general location. Would you go for the serviced apartment or a hotel? Buying some basic groceries and quick access to breakfast and midnight snacks can save lots of money. It can also help eat a bit better.

When traveling and living out, hotel options are limited in the affordable and healthy zones. One-bedroom serviced apartment is perfect for travelers who are only alone or just two persons, whether traveling for business or vacation.

Well, most travelers want to have an easy way to access their meals especially if they are not familiar with the place. Indeed, one-bedroom serviced apartments can offer you this experience since they are based around the city. So, it could be easy for the travelers to roam near the serviced hotel.

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