The Five Things Every Foodie Should Have In Their Garden

Any homeowner with an interest in food would do well to utilise their garden space. There are a number of ways in which a property’s garden can not only benefit the kitchen but can inspire new culinary ideas and even serve as the platform for gastronomic events. This is primarily because the kitchen is fundamentally connected to nature and it is only modern lifestyles that often separate them.

So, if you’re a foodie or budding chef currently using your garden for little more than flowerbeds and bicycle storage, then here are five things that you can bring into your outdoor space to help take your culinary skills and passion to the next level.

Vegetable Patch

Perhaps the most universal benefit a garden can offer a foodie is the potential for them to begin growing their own food. By dedicating a portion of garden space to the cultivation of ingredients, whether fruits and vegetables or herbs and spices, a kitchen can become enriched with high-quality and personal ingredients.

Vegetable patches also help to illuminate much of the growing process for foodies too, helping them to understand the techniques that make ingredients taste great.

Curing Space

Having a space of consistent temperature and humidity can be difficult within a home, especially when each room is frequented. As such, it can be very fruitful for homeowners to create their own space outdoors. Sheds, for example, can be converted into storage spaces for meats and vegetables to be cured. With humidifiers and temperature control, these spaces can even be used as a pantry to store foods for longer periods of time.

Log Cabin

When it comes to dining or hosting a supper club, atmosphere and experience are paramount. Finding log cabins for sale is ever easier and they make a beautiful addition to homes, opening up a garden space as an ideal location to host guests and dinners without imposing on the home. Their design also integrates well into a garden space, elevating a dining experience by integrating it with nature.

Pizza Oven

Building your own clay and fire brick oven outdoors is a surprisingly simple process. The materials and design are relatively easy to come by as well as being affordable. Then, once an oven has been established, foodies have access to a truly artisanal asset, enabling them to cook with the profiles of different woods and heats, all of which offer new elements to dishes. Pizza ovens are also great to experience as a guest too and, with one in a resident’s garden, the next supper club is certain to sell out!


Once a foodie opens themselves up to smoking ingredients, it can become a turning point in their culinary creativity. Green Egg smokers, for example, have become hugely popular among residents because of the quality and flavour they offer. Promising that a resident has the garden space, one that is not covered nor will direct smoke into a neighbour’s home, a smoker can be set up quickly and used right away.

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