Repairing the Oven and DIY Repair Work

Many people are there who have ovens in their homes and most of them have various kinds of complaints about their ovens. If your oven has stopped working, then there is no need to throw it away from the oven. You can also do an oven repair at home. Also, you can give the oven for repairing at a shop or you can try to repair it yourself at home. So, let’s look at the simple steps in which you can repair the ovens at home. The first and the foremost thing, that you need to do is simply clean the oven very nicely. Sometimes, the damage can be caused even by dirt and dust.

Unplug the Wires – 

Next, you should remove the wire from the oven that is plugged in. You should first unplug it. It is one of the most important ones and you should never try to repair or open the back cover of the oven with the wire plugged into the socket. After you have done that, you should remove the inside parts or moving parts of the oven like the plate and the plate holder. Using a normal screwdriver, open the back cover of the oven, you will require a star screwdriver because of the shape.

Check the Fuse – 

Then, after you have opened the back cover, check the fuse first. Check the fuse with the help of a resistor tester. If it shows that the fuse resistance value is infinity, then the fuse is broken. Then, you only need to change the fuse for the oven. But if you can see the resistance value in the meter then there is nothing wrong with the fuse. The fuse is not broken; hence no repair is needed. You can do all of these checking’s with the help of a tester. But for that, you should have a good tester to check the same.

Inspect the Door Switches – 

The next, step that you can do is the inspection of the door switches. You will find 3 switches in your microwave oven. You will have to press down the pin that is near the switch and rotate it a little to take it out. It can be possible that you can have a damaged switch in which the first or the second button is burned and the switch has some issues. So, you need to check the inside of the switch and press the button down and if the contact cannot be connected then, yes, it is a broken one.

But the Switch Online – 

It can be possible that the plastic is burned. So, now you need to repair it or get it replaced. So, if you want you can either buy the switch of the oven online if you know the proper technical name or you can simply ask the repair person to bring the new switch and get it replaced. So, likewise, there are many things in an oven that you can check or DIY. There is no need for costly repairs that need to be done. In addition, before you start any repair make sure that the capacitor is discharged before you begin any repair work.

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