Pet Safety and Pest Control 

We deal with pests on a daily basis. It has become a part of our living environment. Vancouver is closely bound with nature. It is home to different wild animals, such as skunks, coyotes, pests in Vancouver, including mice, rats, Japanese beetles, etc.

To deal with pests, we have pest control. However, pest control contains various chemicals that can be really harmful. 

Hence, It is vital that you look after not only your loved ones but also the pets in the house. They are also susceptible to various kinds of diseases and health problems in the long run. 

Steps that one can take to protect their pets during pest control:

  • Either remove or cover the items around the house

Remove all the pet toys and cover everything they might come in contact with. Animals tend to lick things around them, especially if they are a pet dog or a cat, and this can result in ingesting chemicals. Therefore,  it is important that we cover everything before the spread of pesticides. 

  • Leave your pets in your willing neighbor’s safeguard 

During pest control, try to leave your pets in the care of somebody you know. Animals can inhale the chemicals present in the air during pest control. It is safer to keep them away from the house for the time being. Dogs and cats usually roam around the house and spend most of the time inside. They can easily come in contact with any harmful chemicals. 

If you cannot leave them in somebody else’s care, then put them in a safer part of the house. They must not come in contact with the chemicals for at least a few hours. 

  • Inform the pest control technician about your pets 

Before pest control, contact your technicians and inform them about your pets at home. Give them details so that they can plan pest control accordingly. They would then take necessary measures during pest control. They would also educate you about the preventative measures that you can take at home as well. 

This would ensure the safeguarding of your pets and will keep them away from any possible danger. 

  • Take necessary precautions if administering pesticides on your own

Although it is preferable to call somebody who has professional expertise to avoid any mishaps, if you are doing this on your own, make sure that you read the instructions on the pesticides carefully and thoroughly. It will have instructions related to children and pets. Read them carefully and follow the instructions on the label precisely. Do not go overboard with the instructions and only stick to what is being suggested. 

Next step: what should you do?

If your pet somehow comes in contact with chemicals and ends up having anything poisonous, call your veterinarian immediately. Do not delay in trying to overcome the situation on your own. Take your pet to the nearest veterinarian and get them checked. Usually, pesticides are not that harmful, but they can cause various health problems in the long run. Thus, one must not take the risk of handling such situations on their own. 

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