Intending to buy rugs for your house? Follow this guide

There might be a lot of furnishing options in your mind while you are decorating your home. One of them would be the bedside runner rugs. Yes, rugs might seem like a tiny part of your room’s furniture, but you should know that it plays a significant role. It serves as the foundation of your room, whether we talk about it decor-wise or functionality-wise. Rugs warm up your floors and also assist in muffling sounds.

If you intend to buy rugs anytime soon, follow our all-in-one guide. It tells about the various things you must consider while shopping for online or offline rugs.

Be aware of the various rug-related terms.

If you are still determining what kinds of rugs you are looking for, you first need to know a few basic terms related to carpets. This would give you an idea of the rug construction you intend to purchase.

  • Pile: Pile refers to the length of the material that makes up the rug. The higher the bank, the thicker and softer the carpet.
  • Warp: Warp refers to the vertical yarns that comprise the woven rug’s base.
  • Weft: Weft is considered to be the horizontal yarn that is woven across the woven rug.
  • Backing: Backing is the fabric on the rug’s backside that assists in keeping the structure. Some rugs might not have a backing; their presence would depend upon the rug’s construction and weave.

Keep a check on the material.

While you are shopping for a rug, you need to consider the material as well. Wigs can either be made of synthetic fibres. Each one of these categories has several options under them. It would help if you understood that the material you choose would affect the rug’s durability, price and ease of cleaning. Some of the most commonly preferred rug materials include:

  • Wool: Rugs made out of wool are warm and durable. They are also considered to be naturally flame-retardant. You would not feel any hustle while cleaning them; they are also considered sustainable.
  • Wool mix: The wool mix material is cost-effective and doesn’t shed.
  • Polypropylene: Polypropylene material is undoubtedly a good value for money and is easy to clean. Not only this, the Polypropylene material is highly stain resistant.
  • Polyester: Polyester material has the characteristic of being quick in drying. As companies to wool, it is cost-effective too. This material is considered easy to clean as well.

Prioritise the rug’s construction.

So now that you know what kind of material you would be choosing for your rug to be, your next preference is its construction. This would depend upon your budget as well as your lifestyle. Whether the carpet is woven or tufted would impact how your rug looks and feels. Different rug construction types include flat-weave, knotted, hooked, power-loomed and tufted.

Decide the size of your rug.

The overall size of your rug depends on the type and size of the room you will be placing it. It would also help to consider how you will put it with your furniture arrangement. As far as the placement of the rug is concerned, you should place it partially under the bed. You must set the carpet in the middle of your room is small. You can also put it on the bed’s foot.


Rugs play a vital role in maintaining the overall theme of your house, whether it’s the living room, bedroom or dining area. There are many things to keep in view while shopping for rugs; the pointers mentioned above are some.


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