Extended warranties for high efficiency appliances

High efficiency appliances have become very popular due to the energy savings these units provide. A high efficiency appliance that breaks down can not only be annoying, but also very expensive to repair. Extended warranties for high efficiency appliances is one type of home warranty coverage often purchased by homeowners so they can continue to have coverage after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty. The following is a helpful guide on learning more about extended appliance warranty coverage for high efficiency appliances so you can determine if the best home warranty appliance coverage is right for your high efficiency appliance.

What is an extended appliance warranty?

Extended appliance warranty coverage provides home appliance warranty coverage for specified appliances. They are purchased prior to the expiry of the original manufacturer’s warranty. They can cover such high efficiency appliances as:  refrigerators, ovens, built-in microwaves, ranges, clothes washer and dryer, and dishwashers and more, for failures that your homeowners insurance or manufacturer’s warranty may not cover. The best home warranty appliance coverage provides repair or replacement of appliance covered items due to breakdown from normal wear and tear. If a covered high efficiency appliance breaks down unexpectedly, an appliance extended warranty can help provide financial protection. 

A professional service technician is dispatched to the home to inspect and determine the cause of breakdown. Check your terms and conditions for full coverage details. This type of warranty extends protection beyond your manufacturer’s warranty, offering you longer coverage for a newly purchased high efficiency appliance. It allows you to cover repair or replacement costs at a much lower price than if you had to pay out-of-pocket.

The terms and conditions for extended high efficiency appliance warranties sold by retailers tend to resemble a manufacturer’s warranty. However, these warranties may be purchased from home warranty companies, The best home warranty appliance coverage from a trusted provider is coverage that tends to offer more benefits and flexibility.

What do extended high efficiency appliance warranties cover?

An appliance extended warranty only applies to one specific appliance in the home. Protect your favorite home appliances with one simple plan. For a reasonable premium, providers like ARW Home offer fast, reliable coverage and easy access to local technicians. It is important to note that a separate policy is purchased for a specific appliance making it different from a comprehensive home warranty plan. In addition, some home warranties allow customers to build their own home warranty plan and customize their specific coverage to fit their needs.

Manufacturer’s warranty vs. extended high efficiency appliance warranty 

Most manufacturers offer warranties between one to three years after the purchase date. Extended high efficiency appliance warranties are offered by quality warranty companies where the customers can keep it for as long as they want, as long as they keep up with the monthly premiums. This means homeowners can continue to protect a specific high efficiency appliance long after the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Are extended high efficiency appliance warranties worth it?

Upgrade to energy efficient home appliances and save money on your energy bills. This can include, but is not limited to: Clothes washers, Clothes dryers, Dehumidifiers, Room air purifiers, HVAC, and more. Keep these appliances in good working order with extended high efficiency appliance warranties. Extended warranties are cheaper since these warranties cover individual appliances. Prices will vary depending on the type of appliance being covered and the warranty provider’s terms and conditions,

Repairs and replacement expenses for high efficiency appliances can be hundreds and even thousands of dollars; far surpassing the cost of a high efficiency appliance warranty. At ARW Home we have an extended warranty for most of your appliances. Your high efficiency appliances will have the best home warranty appliance coverage regardless of age or brand. With ARWHome protection plans, homeowners experience prompt and professional customer service, immediate service for emergencies issues, and efficient response to a request for service within 24-48 hours. Check out ARW Home warranties to find out which extended high efficiency appliance warranty suits your needs.

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