Carpet Tiles—Benefits And Usage

Landing on this page means you are searching for a new flooring solution for your home. Yes, you’ve read it, right? While so many types of carpets are available in the market, you should consider carpet tiles. As the name implies, carpet tiles are squares that can be directly installed on any floor just like tiles. Due to their availability with built-in underlay, there’s no more need to add a separate pad before installing. What’s more, these tiles come in a wide range of designs and textures that you can’t get with other carpeting types. Here in this guide, we’ll walk you through the advantages and downsides of carpet tiles along with their usage;

Advantages Of Carpet tiles

  • Quick Installation: As carpet tiles are pre-cut and come with built-in underlay, they are very easy to install.
  • Customizable: When it comes to carpet tiles, there are infinite design possibilities. You can go for any design or pattern that suits best your interior.
  • Quick Replacement: Good news is that carpet tiles are very easy to remove and replace if get stained or damaged without affecting the rest of the flooring.

Downsides Of Carpet Tiles

  • Edge Fray: One of the major downsides to having carpet tiles is that they will give a broken look to your floor. You’ll have to face some fraying once they begin to wear out.
  • Expensive: There’s no doubt that carpet tiles are quick and easy to install but they are a bit pricier as they have a built-in underlay.
  • Not As Soft Underfoot: You’ll not get a good cushioning experience with carpet tiles because of built-in underlays.

Usage of Carpet Tiles

Now that you know the benefits and drawbacks of carpet tiles, let’s continue this ride further to let you know about their usage;

  • Ideal for Kids’ room

Carpet tiles are ideal for kids’ rooms. Why? Well, we all know this fact that kids create a lot of mess. This is the only reason why you should consider installing these carpets in your kids’ room as they are very easy to remove & replace.

  • Camping Outdoors

Ever gone on a picnic or camping and forgotten to bring a floor mat with you? Here again, carpet tiles would be the perfect way to go for. It’s recommended to purchase these tiles with interlocking edges as you can set up these types within minutes. Once done, you can dismantle these tiles and place them in a dry place.

  • Workplaces And Commercial Buildings
  • Installing carpet tiles in the workplace and commercial building could be ideal for so many reasons. Top of all, they are easy to install, maintain & remove. You can go for neutral colors if choosing these carpet tiles for offices.
  • Living Space And Stairs

If you want to stylize your interior décor, you should opt for carpet tiles as these are available in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns. Be it your staircase or a living room, these tiles would work perfectly everywhere.

Got each & everything regarding this carpeting type? If so, don’t wait further and purchase it today from a reputable source!

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