Bugs In The Pool? Here’s How You Can Prevent Them!

Spending the summer months in the pool enjoying yourself with your kids, friends, and family can be the best thing ever. However, the cleanliness of the pool is an important factor here. If the pool water is not free of contaminants, it can lead to infections and diseases. There is nothing worse than jumping into the pool and finding a spider or other pests buzzing around. 

Pests are never pleasant to look at, but they can be an even worse sight when they are inside your pool. If you prefer to avoid them, call San Antonio, TX pest control services to get hold of this problem. However, if you wish to take control of the situation yourself, here are a few easy ways to do so. 

Tips to prevent bugs in the swimming pool

  • Essential oils. 

Putting essential oils in your swimming pool not only prevents bugs from jumping in but also creates a good-smelling pool. Essential oils come in different variations and are extracted naturally from plants. These smell great and are good for the environment, unlike pesticides. There are certain essential oils that are great for preventing bugs, namely: 

  • Vanilla and tea tree (for centipedes)
  • Lemongrass (for flies)
  • Cinnamon (for ants and earwigs)
  • Peppermint (for spiders, mosquitos, and cockroaches)

  • Bug traps. 

Bug traps are an easy and affordable way of catching bugs. These traps are easily available in the market in San Antonio and can trap bugs and kill them for you. Bugs get attracted to these traps because of a scent present in them and are not able to escape. Set out these traps around your swimming pool to prevent bugs from jumping in the pool with you. 

  • Smoke. 

As you might already know, smoke is a natural bug repellant. Fire pits and candles are a great way to stop bugs from invading your space. And while smoke itself is enough to prevent insects, there are certain things that can increase its effect even more. Adding the following to your fire can improve your repellant: 

  • Sage
  • Cedar tree bark
  • Catnip
  • Citronella leaves
  • Rosemary
  • Mint leaves
  • Lavender

  • Use a bug misting system. 

A bug misting system is another great but a little expensive way of dealing with bugs in the pool. The system sprays a mist of bug repellant spray using a sensing motion. Whenever the machine senses bugs in your patio, it will shoot out a mist of repellant spray and kill and scare off the bugs. This will prevent them from entering your home as well as jumping into the pool.

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